There is an exclamation point in that title because somehow, inexplicably, I have not managed to post an update for nearly two months.


So, what’s been going on?

  • Blue and I were in a tracking test.  We didn’t pass.
  • Billie had pancreatitis.  She’s better now.
  • I wrote lots of words on a couple of different projects.
  • I went to North Carolina.  I came back.
  • I went to work, went for walks, went tracking, read a bunch of books.

I’ll try to talk more about dogs, books, and writing in subsequent posts.

2 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Hugs on the pancreatitis. My lovely Siamese knows what that’s like–he and I have weathered several harrowing episodes. Keep writing those words.

  2. Thanks! This is her third bout. She seems to get it once a year, about the same time every year. Not sure why though it may have something to do with the meds she’s on.

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