I’m excited to show you the cover for Deep Down:

What do you think?  I love the colors. I love the way it echoes back to the Wide Open cover, but is pretty clearly different.  And I like that it’s a girl and a dog and the prairie.

What’s Deep Down about?

Hallie’s looking for a job, but those are few and far between in Taylor County, South Dakota.  She’s not even sure she wants to stay, except there’s Boyd.  And her dad.  Meanwhile, Boyd’s dealing with a ghost from his past.  He won’t involve Hallie; it’s his problem and he’ll deal with it.  Turns out, Hallie has other ideas. And everything that happened at the end of Wide Open?  Well, once you let something like blood magic into the world, it’s not that easy to shove it back down.

Okay, so maybe I’m not the person to go to when you’re writing your back cover copy, but I hope it gives you a hint of what’s coming.

Deep Down will be published in March, 2013 and is already available for pre-order at Amazon and Powell’s and BooksAMillion and possibly other places if, you know, you desperately need to order it right now.

7 thoughts on “Cover!

  1. Just finished Wide Open. Bought it on the strength of Chris Moriarty’s review in F&SF (and everything she wrote there was dead on). Came looking on the interwebs to see if you might be following up that last scene ….and I can’t tell you how glad I am to see that you are.

    Might have to get the hardcopy (vice the Kindle version) just for the cover … and because I think I’ll be re-reading these for some time.

    • OneZero–I’m so glad you liked WIDE OPEN. And thanks for stopping by to tell me! As you’ve probably already seen, the next book, DEEP DOWN, will be out in March. Not so very long to wait 🙂

      • I’ll try to be patient 😉
        In the meantime, it’s not like this pile of books – let alone the stack on the kindle – will leave me with nothing to read. But Deep Down’s gonna go right to the top when it comes out.

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