Deep Down

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Death stalks the haunted, windswept prairie in this chilling sequel to Wide Open.

Now that she’s solved her sister’s murder, Hallie Michaels has left the army and isn’t sure what to do next. Her relationship with deputy Boyd Davies is tentative, there’s still distance between her and her father, and she needs a job. The good news is, she hasn’t seen a ghost in weeks.

It turns out, though, that ghosts aren’t the only things haunting Hallie.  Or Boyd either, for that matter.  When she’s asked to help a neighbor who’s being stalked by black dogs, Hallie finds that everything’s connected, it all has consequences and the past never really dies.

Stalked by a reaper and plagued by dark visions, Hallie finds she must face her fears and travel into Death’s own realm to save everyone she loves.

Deep Down is available now.  You can order it here or here or buy it at your favorite bookstore.


6 thoughts on “Deep Down

  1. I just picked up Seep Down and have already finished it. Loved it, though am a bit confused about the ending…. Is this the end?

    • Hi Brandy, I’m glad you liked Deep Down! There will be another book–Over Home–coming next year. So, nope, not the end yet!

  2. I did not realize there would be a sequel to Wide Open; I saw Deep Down on the new release shelf at the library, and almost jumped up and down with glee. I devoured Deep Down, after rereading Wide Open. Thanks so much for writing such great books. I am glad to hear there will be a third.

    • Oh, Susan, you make a girl’s heart SO happy! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed both of them. Thanks so much for letting me know. And, yes, there will definitely be a third!

  3. I read Wide Open in the fall and loved it so much, I’d been eagerly awaiting the publication of Deep Down. My books store had copies of DD but didn’t get them on the floor until 2 days after. I knew I should try to savour the read, but I wasn’t able to and read as fast as I could. I just really love the story, the setting, the characters. I love them all but Hallie’s my favorite. I feel like I’ve been looking to read character like her all my life. DD was great, I liked how human the characters in her town are, the mannerisms, the reactions and expressions. Maker was a delight.

    • G, thanks so much for letting me know! I’m so glad you enjoyed Deep Down and Wide Open.

      One of the reasons I’ve been writing stories about Hallie is because she’s a character I’VE been wanting to read all my life! Glad she works for you!

      I think I can safely say, there will be more Maker 🙂

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