Billie’s Litter Pictures

These are not new puppies.  But, boy, are they cute!

When I created my post about Billie I knew that somewhere I had a bunch of pictures of Billie and her littermates from way back when they were six or seven weeks old.  But I couldn’t find them.  Or, I found one of them (which I posted) but not the others.  Today, while looking for something completely unrelated, I found them.  And because you’re just that lucky, I’m sharing them with you.

5 thoughts on “Billie’s Litter Pictures

  1. What a bunch of little puppies destined for bigness! I want to squeeze and bother all of them. Thanks for sharing Billie and her siblings and mom and auntie. Dogs are great. 🙂

    • I’m so glad I have these pictures. At the time you think they’re cute, but you really don’t need them all and what are you really going to do with them anyway? Then, later, you’re kind of glad you’ve got them and you wish you’d taken more and better ones.

    • They’re pretty darned cute, aren’t they?

      I would love to get another one, but I also want a dog I can pick up myself if I have to. Sadly, these two things are not compatible.

      But if someone else got one….

  2. It’s always reassuring to be able to look back, sometimes through pictures, sometimes through other means. Thank you for sharing the adorable puppies.

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