Deep Down


Out Now!        

Death stalks the haunted, windswept prairie in this chilling sequel to Wide Open.

Now that she’s solved her sister’s murder, Hallie Michaels has left the army and isn’t sure what to do next. Her relationship with deputy Boyd Davies is tentative, there’s still distance between her and her father, and she needs a job. The good news is, she hasn’t seen a ghost in weeks.

It turns out, though, that ghosts aren’t the only things haunting Hallie.  Or Boyd either, for that matter.  When she’s asked to help a neighbor who’s being stalked by black dogs, Hallie finds that everything’s connected, it all has consequences and the past never really dies.

Stalked by a reaper and plagued by dark visions, Hallie finds she must face her fears and travel into Death’s own realm to save everyone she loves.

Deep Down is available now.  You can order it here or here or buy it at your favorite bookstore.


Brief Update

Dakota Prairie WinterWow, I’ve been a bit neglectful, haven’t I?

A couple of quick bits of news and I’ll do a longer update in the next couple of days.

The trade paperback of Wide Open will be available on January 15, 2013.  You can pre-order it here and here.  Or here and here.

My second book, Deep Down, also featuring Hallie and Boyd and fictional Taylor County, South Dakota will be out on March 5, 2013.  It can also be pre-ordered here and here.  And here and here.

More later!  I promise.