About Those Dogs

I currently have two dogs.  I’ll give them each a separate post later, but for now, here’s a brief introduction.

Billie, as you can see from her picture, is a Rottweiler.  I’ve had her since she was a puppy, and she’s going to be 11 in February.  She is gentle and smart and generally happy.

Some people will tell you that Rottweilers are mean, that you can’t trust them.  Here’s what I know: Rottweilers are strong. They are physically strong and they are strong willed.  They’re a protective breed and they’re very aware of their surroundings and of potential threats.  They need knowledgeable breeders and competent owners.  They must, must, must have good training, socialization, and consistency.  Anything else is unfair to them and to anyone who has to live with or near them.  They are also extremely social, love people, and are some of the best dogs I’ve ever known.

Billie does obedience and tracking with me.  And she’s a Therapy Dog.  She visits patients in the local hospital with me every week.  I’m pretty sure she thinks that people’s primary purpose in going to the hospital is to see her.  She’s a charmer.

Dog number two is Blue. Or, Ch Nevars Java RN TDX as he is more formally known.  He is a German Pinscher.  I’ve been told that there are about 500 German Pinschers in the US.  Most people think he’s a stunted Doberman Pinscher.*

I’ve had Rottweilers for over twenty years.  But a few years ago I started thinking it might be nice to have a smaller breed, a dog I could pick up if necessary.  I love Rottweilers, I like working dogs and I like short-haired dogs.  German Pinschers are a nice, medium-sized, very short-haired dog.  And thus…Blue.  German Pinschers were originally farm dogs, bred to sound the alert and to take care of vermin.  Blue is excellent at both these tasks (…really excellent.  Especially with the vermin catching).  He’s also an excellent tracking dog and we’re working on obedience and agility.  Plus he’s fun and I like him.

*Occasionally I have this conversation with my neighbor (whom I have told a dozen times that Blue is a German Pinscher):

Neighbor: He’s so small for a Doberman!
Me: I know!  It’s a mystery!!

**Photos in this post were taken by Rachel Ritland

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