Mistakes Were Made

But not…oh, wait, they were made by me.

Tor/Macmillan now has a Google Preview of Wide Open available on their website (Look Inside is now up at Amazon too). In both cases, the first two chapters (plus some other pages) are available as well as most of the front matter, including the acknowledgements.

I’m a bit of a loner and I like doing things on my own, but there would not have been a book and it would not have been this book without lots of generous help from other people.  So, the acknowledgements are important to me, even if most people don’t read them.  They’re one of the ways I can point to all those important people and say thanks.

Despite their importance, despite double- and triple-checking them, I still left out two people I’d meant to include.

  • Paul Melko, (whose book, Broken Universe, will be out from Tor in June) was at Blue Heaven the year I brought Wide Open and not only gave me helpful feedback on that manuscript, but recently read book two and gave me terrific feedback on that manuscript as well.  Thanks, Paul.
  • Mike Mauton has been my go-to ‘gun guy’ for both my novels and short stories and provides me with all manner of useful information on guns and hunting, which, given the books and stories I write, is invaluable.  Thanks!

To them, and the people I actually did include in the acknowledgements: all the mistakes in Wide Open are mine, but so much of what’s good is because I had help from all of you.

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