Wide Open Blog Tour Week Two Schedule

Here’s the rest of the schedule for the Wide Open Blog Tour.  Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

Monday, March 19th

Tuesday, March 20th

Wednesday, March 21st

Thursday, March 22nd

Friday, March 23rd

Saturday, March 24th

Sunday, March 25th

Monday, March 26th

And, that’s it!  Hope you enjoy the guest posts, the reviews, the interviews and the giveaways.  I’ll be posting a few other interviews in the side bar and probably doing a review roundup at some point.  Whew!



2 thoughts on “Wide Open Blog Tour Week Two Schedule

  1. Wide Open was a wonderful book. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Please put a rottweiler in something. And could his name be Lil Elvis?

  2. Oh, I’m glad you liked it!

    Someday, definitely, there will be a Rottweiler in one of my books. I make no promises on names, but I have to say, Lil Elvis is an awesome Rottweiler name!

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