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I have to say, I love this review so much I should probably marry it:

I never grew tired of hearing the different ways Hallie described how cold the ghosts made her feel, of how angry or confused or ineffectual she felt, of the different freak storms. And I loved the dialogue. It came off as both very realistic and very true to the characters. People don’t speak in full sentences. We cut each other off, trail off without finishing, get scattered and distracted, forget what we were saying, refuse to say what we mean or mean what we say, and live and die by subtext and subtlety. Coates has mastered realistic dialogue and made it colloquial without being grating or difficult to read. She doesn’t have to describeher characters in minute detail because the way they speak, the words they choose, and the things they leave out reveal everything you need to know about them.

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  1. Deborah…absolutely positively LOVE this book!!!!! Just picked it up from the library on Wednesday and almost halfway through. Amazing how Hallie is able to do what she needs to do with the tag-alongs around! Don’t know if I could. Had a ghost experience many years ago at my girlfriend’s house.
    She and her husband told me that there was someone there…sure enough…I encountered it…not visually…just felt a very cold hostile presence…the thing that scared me was that I heard the floorboards creak in the hallway before the presence made my acquaintance. Any chance that you plan on making a series with Hallie and her abilities? You have a WINNER here!

    • Laurie, thanks so much! I’m really pleased you’re enjoying WIDE OPEN!

      There will definitely be two more stories with Hallie and Boyd and set in Taylor County. The second one should be coming out in March next year.

      • Wow…so glad to hear that I will be able to read more with Hallie and Boyd….haven’t finished the book yet but I am very intrigued about Boyd….can’t figure out who/what he is!!!!!

  2. I just finished Wide Open and loved it! I especially enjoyed the sharp, crisp images you invoked. Never having experience praires, you really put me in the picture. Came online just to find out if there are more Hallie/Boyd books in the works. Hurrah, there are. I suspected there might be when that last ghost appeared!

    • Gail, I’m so glad you enjoyed WIDE OPEN! Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

      There are currently two more Hallie/Boyd books planned. The second, DEEP DOWN takes place shortly after the end of book two and I’m working on the third one right now.

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